10 THINGS TO BUY BEFORE YOU BRING YOUR PUPPY HOME! Your dream to bring home an adorable new puppy has been on your mind for a long time. You may already have purchased most of the supplies you will need to care for your new puppy, including crates, food, bowls, and leashes, but there are still other items you will need.


The following are ten items that new puppy owners should purchase right away:

The puppy sweater

Puppies are susceptible to colds, just like babies. With a sweater, your new puppy will feel protected while adjusting to his or her new home.

Veterinarian services available 24/7

Make sure you have the number and name of a 24-hour veterinarian on your phone contact list. Every now and then puppies get sick, and you should always be familiar with where they can receive medical assistance.

Child safety gate

To confine your puppy to one area, you will need a baby gate. When you are potty training your dog and they are not quite ready to run free, baby gates will come in handy.

Stress-relieving products

A puppy that is anxious can benefit greatly from stress-relieving treats and pheromone sprays. It does not mean your puppy will be calm the first few days in a new environment because he was calm when you picked him up. 

Marks of identification

Don’t wait to take action! It doesn’t take long for a puppy to escape. As soon as the dog comes into your home, make sure its ID tag is on its collar.

Bag of Towels

The big bag of cheap towels can be found at most home improvement stores. If your puppy has an accident, you don’t want to clean it up with the nice towels in your bathroom closet.

The Quick Grooming Wipe

When it comes to cleaning up any dog mess, these are the BEST. Using Petkin’s wipes, dog owners can keep their dogs clean and smelling fresh throughout the day.

Dog training treats

You can easily carry small, soft beef or liver treats in your pocket as training treats.  The mini treats from Nature Balance make great training rewards.

Cleansers for Urine

On quality carpet and furniture, there will undoubtedly be accidents on your new puppy. Cleaning products which specifically target pet urine odors are better at eliminating stubborn pet odors than regular household cleaners.

Bags for poop

You can dispose of dog poop in an environmentally friendly manner by using recycled bags instead of the standard plastic bags from the supermarket.  Three different kinds of environmentally friendly poop bags are available on the market.

You will have more success and happiness as a family with your new puppy if you are well prepared. I wish you the best with your new family member!