20 Best Dog Breeders in Texas! (2022)

20 best dog breeders in texas 2022! The following information will help you select the perfect Texas dog breeder. Pets are very welcome in Texas, which is one of the most pet-friendly states in the nation. The state of Texas has numerous pet-friendly spots, including two dog-specific beaches.

Several dog parks, as well as restaurants and cafes that are dog friendly, can be found in Dallas Texas. Dogs walking by can even get food and water from establishments that offer them. Moreover, Texas has many reputable breeders.

20 Best Dog Breeders in Texas

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Puppies For Sale in Dallas Texas

The choice of a reputable breeder gives your dog a competitive edge in life. It is important for breeders to ensure the dogs they breed are healthy, well-socialized, and the best possible breed for their type. If you’re looking for a new puppy for your family, then check out these top Texas dog breeders.

1. Bulldogs are a special breed



This breeding facility has been providing healthy, happy English Bulldog puppies from its loving home for more than 20 years. Their home is in Blue Ridge, Texas and they are completely dedicated to the breed.

They adore their Bullies, and they consider them their family. Since more than 20 years, it has been their passion to care for and nurture these animals.

The facilities they maintain are not only healthy and safe for their dogs, but they also take great pride in them. The joy, laughter, and love their English Bulldogs bring to their forever homes lasts through their puppy years and into adulthood.

It’s a Bulldog Thing Details


Box 280 Blue Ridge, TX  75424

Tracy 972-816-1067/Lorrie 972-213-7799


[email protected]


2.D-Best Bullies

Our family has lived in the same house for 30 years, where we have raised our two daughters. Immediately after the kids left the nest, I became bored and wanted to do something. This prompted me to take up a hobby. Can you take a guess at what it was? Yes, raising english bulldogs.

As my son-in-law and I grew in love and passion for bulldogs, so did the number of bulldogs we owned. As our grandson grows up and gets married, he equally deals with his own bullies too.

D-Best Bullies

[email protected]



3. Uptown Puppies

No puppy mills. No scams. We thoroughly vet all breeders based on our 47 Breeder Standards. When you find a puppy at Uptown, you’re not just getting a dog–you’re getting peace of mind that your new best friend is coming from an experienced, ethical breeder who loves dogs just as much as you do.

4. Blue Ribbon French Bulldogs

located near Whitney , Texas ! Just south of the DFW Texas ! 

“My interest in French Bulldogs began when I saw how sweet and what clowns these little dogs are!  I began reading and studying the breed. But I really fell in love when I saw pictures of rare BLUE French Bulldog puppies! I began to get interested in the Chocolate colors also”.

5. Empire French Bulldogs

We strive to produce Winners with great health, beauty and temperament. With their Smashed face, bat ears and cobby, beautiful bodies they are sure to make anyone happy. French Bulldogs are small enough to go anywhere but as courageous as a big dog.

We are a small French Bulldog Breeder located in Texas located only a short distance from Houston, Texas.

6. PuppySpot Corgis Texas

We recommend PuppySpot highly since we used them to get our puppy and know they make getting a Corgi a breeze. PuppySpot is a network of reputable breeders, all of who meet at least USDA standards for vetting and screening. A Corgi puppy cannot be listed by a puppy mill or backyard breeder since you need a license and registration. There are only a few breeders who make the cut out of all applicants.

7. Arm n’ a Leg Ranch Corgis Texas

Since 2002, Arm n’ a Leg Ranch has provided Texas residents with quality Corgi puppies. There are today three varieties of Welsh Corgis: Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Cardigan Welsh Corgis, and American Corgis. Furthermore, the breeders were also among the oldest we could find in Texas that breed Corgis.

AKC, CKC, or ACA registered, their puppies in Texas are ready for pick up by the time you arrive. Before they leave for their new homes at 8 weeks of age, they will also receive their first vaccinations, shots, and dewormings. To ensure their Corgi puppies will be happy and healthy, all of the parent dogs have been genetically and health tested.

8. Mer Bar Boxers Texas

As long as she can remember, this breeder of Boxer dogs has been breeding dogs. One of her grandmothers was a Boxer breeder who participated in dog shows. 

The owner of Mer Bar Boxers was able to maintain the reputation of her grandmother’s business by doing so ethically. Even the name of the boxer kennel her grandmother originally owned has been kept. Even the dogs she cared for are named after her grandmother.

Female breeding animals are cared for as if they are members of the family and live in the home with the breeder. By being around other animals and children, they can be well socialized. Boxer puppies are now available for sale, and this can only mean good things for the incoming owners.

9. Ram Boxers TX

There is no breeder at Ram Boxers TX who wants to produce as many puppies as possible for the sake of making a quick buck. The business has been in existence for a long time, and they are passionate about Boxers. As a child, their mother had a boxer, and after she grew up, she kept that breed with her own family. Our research revealed that this was the oldest Boxer breeder we could find in Texas.

In addition to breeding Boxers, the family is also involved in showing them. Several champion Boxers have come from their breeding operation and they are active in the show circuit.

The dogs in this family are truly family members. Being on the waiting list early is critical because there are not many litters a year. Before you can even talk to them about a puppy, you must fill out an application on their website. The first step toward becoming a future litter member is to make it on the list.

10. Boondocks Boxers Texas

Boxer breeding operation Boondocks Boxers is owned and operated by a family that is dedicated to the health of the dogs. Their first breeding attempt in the late 1980s with one male was fraught with a number of problems that they encountered from “reputable” breeders.

They purchased females with undisclosed health conditions which led to the deaths of a few of them. The Boondocks promised to be a different type of Boxer breeder in Texas after these devastating experiences. Their goal was to be a better breeder for both owners and dogs. A pet’s loss early, regardless of the reason, is heartbreaking, but when it’s due to the breeder’s fault it’s all the more painful.

A health check is performed both on the breeding dogs and the puppies of the Boxer breed. A puppy with genetic conditions or a sick puppy would never be sold by Boondocks.

During the 72-hour veterinarian check after purchase, if a genetic condition presents itself or there is a health condition, the breeder will work with you to reach a mutually beneficial agreement that is in the puppy’s best interest.

11. Dreamaker Danes

Anna, a small town in North Texas, is home to the Dreammaker Danes. Located 50 miles north of Dallas, Texas, Anna is a small town. After learning about his passion for Great Danes in 1990, the Dreamaker breeder began raising them professionally. Breeder worked in the oil industry before getting into full-time breeding in 1995. 

As a team, we abide by the American Kennel Club’s breed standard and strive to improve its health and longevity without compromising temperament. As well as testing their breeding parents for any genetic diseases that could be passed on to their puppies, the team ensures that their breeding parents have been cleared.

A 12-month warranty is offered against genetic conditions and a 24-month warranty against hip dysplasia with Dreamaker Great Danes. Dreammaker has been a member of GDC Dallas for over 26 years, and breeders are always available to answer questions from potential owners and enthusiasts. 

You can rest assured that at Dreamaker Danes, you are sure to find the Great Dane of your dreams, whether it’s a harlequin, fawn, or brindle color.

12. PKY Danes

PKY Danes are located in Montgomery County, Texas. It is a very good thing to have breeders such as Karen and Phil Young who are passionate and experienced breeders who love the Great Dane. 

The stable consists of fourteen dams and seven sires. Each dog is nurtured from birth by the Youngs. By using their zeal and devotion, they have bred thousands of Great Danes for loving families and individuals like you. Past clients have provided them with excellent reviews and they have more than 40 years of experience.

The Youngs provide services to customers across the country, even though they are located in Montgomery County. PKY Danes will deliver a Great Dane puppy to you even if you’re not in the lone star state. 

From this breeder, Great Danes can be purchased in four coat colors: black, blue, mantle, and merle. Our Great Dane puppies are covered by a 24-month health guarantee, which can easily be extended to 36-months if they are given Nuvet tabs. All puppies delivered by the Youngs have been checked by a professional veterinarian before they leave for their new homes.

13. N2Spots Great Danes

Whitewright, Texas-based N2Spots Great Danes breeds Great Danes. Founded in 2006, the kennel specializes in breeding great danes. A Great Dane from this breeder is an excellent option if you’re looking for a purebred dog from a reputable breeder. 

The owner used to be a veterinarian before he started breeding Great Danes. He spent his professional life working with beautiful dogs like the Great Dane. Using European and American bloodlines, he strives to produce a perfectly balanced AKC Dane.


In his previous Great Dane litters, he is known for their blocky heads, large bones, and mass with a bit less slobbery factor than most. Additionally, the AKC Great Danes from the kennel are color pure, meaning the breeder only breeds dogs of the same color to breed dogs of the same color. 

If you breed black Great Danes with black Great Danes, only black Great Danes will result. Besides health, the breeders also pay attention to longevity and longevity of the Great Dane puppies.

Health guarantees are offered against life-threatening genetic abnormalities and hip dysplasia for 24 months. The puppy parents he works with will also receive lifetime support and guidance regarding how to care for and feed their Great Dane. The owner welcomes all future Great Dane puppy parents to schedule a trip to his 70-acre ranch and see the Great Danes and Kennel.

14. Texas Aussie Paws

Katy, Texas, is just west of Houston and is home to Texas Aussie Paws, run by a husband and wife team. The owners of Texas Aussie Paws have been breeding Australian Shepherds for more than five years. Breeding their puppies with genetically tested studs they handpick from reputable, responsible breeders is their main goal.

Additionally, their dams are genetically tested and cleared of all illnesses so that they will produce the healthiest puppies. Each puppy is born at home and raised for the first three weeks of their lives. To ensure the puppies have enough space, they raise them in a climate-controlled dog house from week 3 to week 8.

AKC vaccination records, 30-day health guarantee, and lifetime breeder support are provided along with their Australian Shepherd puppies in Texas. Breeders running an ethical Australian Shepherd program in Texas produce healthy and happy puppies.

15. Ranch Chalet Australian Shepherds Texas

Australian Shepherds have been sold as family pets exclusively by Ranch Chalet for more than 30 years. The goal of the breed is to produce Australian Shepherds with good personalities and good temperaments that are closely bonded to their human family members. They are mainly interested in breeding an Aussie that is both sturdily built and calm at the same time. Australian Shepherd puppies that would fit in with any family and get along well with children and strangers would also be ideal.

Aside from providing rescue dogs, therapy dogs, search dogs, and show dogs, Ranch Chalet Australian Shepherds offers excellent rescue, therapy, and show dogs. Breeders are registered with the USDA and are active members of the AKC in Texas. The dams and sires of these horses have been health tested and cleared of any genetic disorders. You can be sure that the puppy you are getting is free of known health diseases by doing this. 

Prices for Australian Shepherd puppies in Texas range from $925 to $1500. This breed is found near Dallas, about an hour’s drive away. In our search, we were able to find one of the oldest breeders of Australian Shepherds in Texas.

16. Mountain Springs Kennels Texas

Australian Shepherds have been bred and shown by Mountain Springs Kennels Texas for more than a decade. Just 60 minutes north of Dallas, Texas, there is a farm that has plenty of space for them to run and play, together with dogs, horses, and other animals.

As well as Australian Shepherds, they also breed Keeshonds. As the breeder does not aim to breed for quantity, but instead to improve the breed, she only produces a few litters every year. The fact that Mountain Springs does not overstress their female Aussies also has to do with their desire to not overwhelm them.

Before breeding, they perform a comprehensive panel of genetic tests recommended by Aussie on all their dams and sires. Each Australian Shepherd puppy sold by them in Texas comes with a 2-year genetic health warranty. Before going to their forever homes, all of our puppies are examined by a veterinarian. The price of a puppy begins at $1800.

17. S & F Australian Shepherds Texas

Australian Shepherds are exclusively sold by S & F Australian Shepherds, a small breeder in East Texas. The breeders that specialize in a single dog breed have a better chance of making money because they can concentrate on that specific type of dog. Furthermore, they have two dogs in the home as pets, who love to play around and run around.

Throughout the year, the breeder offers Australian Shepherd puppies for sale. Anyone interested in getting an Australian Shepherd puppy from them can find out about their planned breedings on their website. Whether you are a new or experienced dog owner, the breeder is very patient and takes the time to walk you through the breeder process.

As well as providing additional resources, the breeder will also provide you with additional information to assist you. The aforementioned breeders usually have a long waitlist for litters of Australian Shepherds, so you might have to wait several months. If you decide to purchase an Australian Shepherd from this breeder, you should let them know so you can have a place on their waitlist.

18. Safari Doodles

Safari Doodles consistently produces Goldendoodle puppies that are the perfect match for any family due to their commitment to “producing the healthiest litters” using “diligent testing protocols and superior genetics.”.

Dogs from both the parents and from the grandparents and great-grandparents have undergone a series of health checks to ensure they remain healthy. When not being bred, they are kept as family pets in loving guardian homes. 

How Does This Breeder Stand Out?

It takes Safari Doodles a considerable amount of experience breeding dogs – far more than most other operations. A top-winning group of highly-trained, top-winning hunting poodles and retrievers from the USA and Europe form the foundation of this business. To ensure happy, well-adjusted dogs, puppies are raised using the most advanced training and socialization methods.

19. Dacus Doodles

Recognized as a top Goldendoodle breeder by We Love Doodles and Five Barks and also registered as a Blue Ribbon breeder with GANA, Dacus Doodles boasts some supremely high-quality pups that have undergone vigorous genetic health testing. 

Since the puppies are home-raised and carefully socialized, they share the main living areas of the house with their owners. From birth, they are therefore familiar and comfortable with the sights and sounds of everyday life.

How Does This Breeder Stand Out?

Our business is owned by a mother and daughter team committed to matching puppies to the best working or family situations. Puppies undergo temperament testing at seven weeks of age in order to accomplish this. Other activities performed by the dog trainers include training puppies in ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) from days 3-16, emotional resilience activities, daily socialization tasks, and crate and potty training.

20. Made for TV Goldendoodles

The Goldendoodles at Made for TV are also part of the GANA’s Blue Ribbon program, but this is a smaller operation. In addition to Hannibal Graham the tri-registered Golden Retriever and Maple Reese the deep red standard poodle (also tri-registered), they offer standard sized F1 generation Goldendoodles to a few lucky, select individuals. 

Our dogs and their puppies are all raised in our home, so they are well socialized and accustomed to being handled by both adults and children. Furthermore, the GANA requires that all health checks are carried out in accordance with its standards.

How Does This Breeder Stand Out?

This breeding facility boasts a very small size, which makes it special. Even though there is a longer waiting list for puppies, you can assure that every dog gets more attention and love. As well as providing lifetime support for their puppies, the breeders offer lifetime training for the families who adopt them.