Common Questions and Answers About All Dog Breed

Common Questions and Answers About All Dog Breed! As a dog owner or just a lover of a particular dog breed, you may be having lots of questions about dogs in general or a specific dog breed you might be interested in. 

In this article i will be answering some common questions we receive every day about dogs and i hope that this goes a long way to help you understand what is and not to do and why certain dogs behave the way they are behaving.

Without taking much of your time, i will like to go straight to the first question and feel free to comment with your question and we will cover it in the next article about common questions and answers about all dog breeds

Common Questions and Answers about all dog breeds part 1

How can I make my dog treats dry and crunchy they come out either with moisture at the core or they will come out completely dry but too hard to chew?

You can soften hard snacks by placing them in a zip-top bag with a slight spritz of water, then letting them settle (equilibrate) for a couple of days. It is nonetheless important to keep the bag refrigerated, as an increase in water activity can lead to fungal growth on the biscuits.

How do I tell family not to bring their dogs during the holidays?

It may not be very easy for some people to tell exactly how they feel especially when their opinion is in the negative. But it will be very mature to state your mind about what you feel in any subject in life and communicating your feelings about receiving pets to your home should not be any different. Some people cannot be dog friendly as such taking a dog to their home during the holidays may not be the right move. If you are such a person that does not welcome dogs to your home and feel the need to tell your family members not to come to visit with their dog but don’t know how to follow the 3 simple steps

  1. You may start by telling them how lucky they are to have such a beautiful dog and enjoy every bit of their life with their dog.
  2. Furthermore, inform them about your lack of ability to have such pleasure of owning one as you may be either be allergic to dogs or just not a dog person or you have another pet that does not pull well with a dog around.
  3. And lastly, you can politely ask them not to bring their dog when visiting to avoid some unforeseen situation that might arise.
When using bleach for cleaning can it make a 6 weeks old puppy sick?

Depending on the ingredients that make disinfectants effects effective like alcohol, bleach, hydrogen peroxide, chemical compounds that contain the word “ Phenol” these ingredients are equally toxic for a pet,s, and dogs are not left out. If these chemicals are dangerous for a grown dog what about a 6-week old puppy that is yet to be fully weaned. It is very Hazardous for the puppy. The cleaning beach should be used with care and kept out of reach for dogs and little children.

How to make sure Micro puppies don’t get lost inside your home?

If you are worried your home is too big and you might lose your teacup in your own house, follow the simple 4 steps below to prevent your micro puppy from being lost in your own home.

  1. Make sure your dog is microchipped
  2. A missed dog is often caused by an unlocked area or an unleashed pet. Keep your dog in a fenced backyard or on a leash.
  3. Have your pet spayed or neutered
  4. Make sure your pet is supervised at all times.
What percentage makes a purebred dog?

In the breeding process for purebred animals, a full-blood animal is crossed with an animal from another breed in order to achieve purebred status. Purebred animals must have a genetic percentage of fullblood that is higher than 87.5%, as specified by the breeders association.

My son gifted me a puppy, he is in FL and I am in NY the puppy would be 8 weeks Next week is it possible to travel without any vaccine from Orlando to JFK since he is getting registered in NY?

In order for the puppy to travel with you on the plane, the reservation must note that. When booking your reservation, make your reservation as far in advance as you can, since most airlines limit the number of animals allowed in the cabin at one time.

Only small dogs and cats that can fit in special carriers under the seat are allowed in the cabin. There’s usually a fee of $100-$150 in addition to the cost of your ticket. Carriers cost $30 and up. Some airlines may not allow dogs in the cabin at all and will transport them as cargo in a heated and ventilated hold. Learn about specific dog airline travel guidelines before you go