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Newfypoo Puppies for Sale usa

Breed Profile

The Newfypoo is a designer dog breed that originated in the States and is a cross between a Newfoundland and a Poodle. The name “Newfypoo” was created by much like how 99% of dog breeds were named, which was combining two words. In this case, “Newfoundland” and “Poodle“.

Quite similar to the naming practices of naming children where parents just mash up their names together.

For those of you who have been looking for a designer dog that combines all the best traits of two recognized breeds, your search is over. The Newfypoo was bred with the goal of having all of the positive characteristics from both Newfoundland and Poodle all in one great little package!

Although the Newfypoo isn’t officially recognized by any kennel clubs in America, they are recognized by many other prominent kennel organizations like the International Designer Canine Registry and International Canine Association themselves.

Newfypoo Personality

Although Newfoundlands grow up to be big pups, they are notoriously gentle with a kind, loving and friendly disposition with a playful, energetic personality. They are loyal and affectionate by nature – both to you as their pet parent and also to everyone else around including kids, other dogs and even other animals if socialized properly. Eventually, they will take on the role of family protector , watching over your home for you like a faithful guard dog.

Dispite the fact that the Newfypoo makes for an excellent family companion and loyal dog, be wary about letting your Newfypoo off-leash outside. Your cute and friendly dog could end up chasing after wildlife or causing a lot of havoc if left unattended.

Ability to Adapty

The Newfypoo is a large dog breed, with massive pride! Because of their large size, they would better fit in a home that could handle them. They would enjoy living in a house where they could run around freely.

Unfortunately, because they are so fluffy and big, it is best to keep them out of very hot or humid climates. As with any dog breed, these guys are quite sensitive to heat. If you plan to leave your home for an extended period of time, make sure you have a reliable person who can take care of your pup.

Newfypoo Health

With the Newfypoo, a designer dog breed, potential health issues one should watch out for include, but are not limited to, patellar luxation (kneecap dislocation), hip dysplasia (abnormal growth of hip joint that may inhibit full range of motion), elbow dysplasia (malformation of the elbow joint), thyroid problems (disturbance in normal production or activity of thyroid gland with signs and symptoms of low thyroid function), bone problems (Osteochondrodysplasia or OCD) , heart condition called subvalvular aortic stenosis

The Owner Experience

Both of the parent breeds of the Newfypoo (Newfoundland and Poodle) are highly intelligent, eager to please, and highly trainable. This should be equally true for their hybrid offspring. They tend to pick up on things quickly and tend to be a good fit for dog owners of all experience levels.

Using training methods that focus on positive reinforcement is a great way to ensure your Newfypoo becomes as well-behaved as possible! Because these dogs grow to be big, it’s important to start training and socialisation as early as possible. Furthermore, you will want to spend some time on leash training so that your pup doesn’t end up dragging you around once they get fully adult.


You could end up with a Newfypoo with the coat of a Newfoundland, or the coat of a Poodle, or a combination of the two. As a result, no matter the type of coat you have, you will need to care for it.

If your Newfypoo has a Newfoundland coat, he will shed moderately year-round, with heavier periods of shedding happening twice a year. A few times a week or weekly brushing is usually sufficient, but during heavy shedding, it may be wise to switch to a dial brush. Dogs should be bathed as necessary. 

Newfypoos will be low-shedding but not low-maintenance if they inherit the poodle coat. You’ll need to brush every day in order to prevent mats and remove tangles. 4-6 weeks is the ideal timeframe for professional grooming.

Besides the coat, you should also take care of your Newfypoo’s nails, ears, and teeth. Monthly nail trim is usually sufficient to prevent your dog’s nails from growing too long. Preventing ear infections can be accomplished by checking ears weekly and cleaning them as needed. You can prevent painful tooth decay in your dog by using enzyme toothpaste or brushing its teeth every day.

As a puppy, you should become accustomed to handling your Newfie’s paws, ears, and mouth. If you start early and make it a positive experience for your puppy, basic grooming and maintenance will be much simpler as they grow into larger dogs.

Activity Level

The activity level of Newfypoos is moderate. A person needs daily active exercise as well as downtime to relax in order to remain happy and healthy. The breed should be able to maintain an active lifestyle with regular walks and extra playtime.  

 Your Newfypoo can enjoy walks, hikes, and dog parks, despite their large frame and joints, which prevent them from running long distances. Swimming isn’t a problem for your dog, since they are very accustomed to the water.

The Size

Newfypoos typically stand 22-30 inches tall and weigh 70-150 pounds when fully grown

Newfypoo Life Span

The average lifespan of a Newfypoo is 8-12 years.

Did  you know

It is more commonly called Newfypoo, but they are also referred to as Newfydoodles, Newfoundlandpoos, Poofoundlands, or simply as a Newfoundland poodle mix.

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